“Let’s talk about @mrswordsmithofficial! This might just be one of the best and most engaging vocabulary programs ever!” –elementaryshenanigans, Teacher & Founder of Get Your Teach On

Heading back to school after the summer break can be both an exciting and dauting time for children. New classes, new timetables, new ideas and concepts to learn. Whatever they’re returning to, they’re sure to be learning new words, expanding their vocabularies as the complexity increases in all subjects, not just English.

For many children the excitement of a year term also comes with some trepidation, a little anxiety around whether they’ll be able to keep up, and excel. Confidence is key here, and nothing builds confidence quite like having the right words to tackle and grow in any situation.

The right vocabulary, that is, those high frequency and more complex words children will encounter in the months and years ahead, is something that’s still missing from many classrooms. Teachers want new, more fun, more exciting content to use with their students. And kids want stuff that’s relevant to them.

Whether your child is going back to the school, or just starting, we’ve got a way of learning to suit. Here’s what some parents test-driving the Narrative and Social Journeys have been saying about Mrs Wordsmith recently.


Y’all! Ok! Pause! Let’s talk about @mrswordsmithofficial! This might just be one of the best and most engaging vocabulary programs ever! We rarely get to associate the word engaging with vocabulary. 😉 It’s genius, completely research based, and so well done! Vocabulary taught in seclusion never works, and kids definitely do not retain the words, much less use them in conversation or apply them in their academic studies. This program organizes and integrates words based on what kids need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key, folks! The first unit is 1,500 storytelling words. Each word is illustrated by the same artist responsible for the movie Madagascar! 🤗 These illustrations bring the words straight to life and give the students a picture to remember. They also have materials for students to practice using the words. They have only released the first set of 1500 words, but others are on the way! No this is not a sponsored add! Nor would I ever promote something that I did not believe is best practice for our students. This is just straight up good stuff, so I had to let y’all know about it! It’s definitely worth checking out if you are looking for ways to enhance your vocabulary instruction. If y’all would like for me to do an instastory or LIVE to give you a closer look, let me know! #setthestagetoengage

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“Vocabulary taught in seclusion never works, and kids definitely do not retain the words, much less use them in conversation or apply them in their academic studies.”

By the time kids are 17, there are 10,000+ words they should know to be successful. However, it can be hard to make vocabulary instruction engaging. @mrswordsmithofficial is an awesome research-based program that creatively teaches/reinforces those 10,000 words (this set includes the first 1500) 🙌🙌🙌 AND it features custom art by the same artist behind the movie, Madagascar! 😎 Scroll to see the fun illustrations paired with each word, and all the AMAZING things included with this program. 😍 p.s.- I would never promote something that I didn’t truly believed in. This program was developed with experts from Cambridge University 👌 Fun fact: I studied abroad at Cambridge in college 🏰 #notanad 😉

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“I would never promote something that I didn’t truly believed in.”

“An engaging way for your Little Thinker to explore exciting synonyms for everyday words.”

Here’s what blogger and journalist Nicole from Tales from Mamaville had to say about using Mrs Wordsmith’s Social Journey with her son:

“Reading, writing, counting are all learnt in the early years of school; however, it’s important that children are able to express themselves clearly before starting school, and this series – The Social Journey – helps them do exactly that. It is a research-based vocabulary program designed to help 2-5 year olds understand and give attributes to their emotions, express themselves better and help them develop social-emotional intelligence, an essential life skill. It is developed in partnership with leading early years academics, so it’s a great start for Little Man (and other children) who will be starting reception.”

Image: Nicole at Tales from Mamville

And here’s what Babyccino, one of the world’s leading online boutiques for children thought of Mrs Wordsmith:

“There are more than a million words in the English language. 😅 We remember the most common term and associate more complex or less frequent words with that. So the clever people from @mrswordsmithofficial have developed cards linking word groups together.”

We’re changing the way parents, teachers and children approach word learning. No more boring word lists. No more cramming. No more forgetting the words that matter. Get a head start on the school year, and see what Mrs Wordsmith can do for you and your child.

Get started with the Social Journey (ages 2-5)

Research shows that young children who learn new words early, are better prepared for school and life. Developed with early years experts for children aged 2–5, the Social Journey is illustrated by the Emmy award-winning artists behind Madagascar. Easy to use and loved by kids, the Social Journey is designed to build a daily word-learning habit.

Get started with the Narrative Journey (ages 6-13)

Tell better stories and boost reading and writing age with the Narrative Journey. Children aged 6–13 need fundamental storytelling skills to thrive at school and in life, because vocabulary matters, whatever the subject. Illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar, this word-learning that works.

Ready to put some serious swagger back into word learning? Let’s do this.

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