We don’t just say that Mrs Wordsmith works, we have flabbergasting proof.

According to an evaluation by the National Literacy Trust, conducted across four Oasis Academy schools, Mrs Wordsmith’s Narrative Journey played a pivotal role in boosting children’s vocabularies by 50%.

The results were particularly noticeable in children who started with a lower vocabulary score. The evaluation also concluded that children found learning new words easier with illustrations, and that the more words they knew, the better writers they were.

How Mrs Wordsmith was evaluated

For the purposes of this evaluation, three vocabulary tests were designed to measure children’s knowledge of the words taught during the programme. They were based on the character words included in the Narrative Journey:

  1. Image task: children were asked to match words to corresponding Mrs Wordsmith images
  2. Synonym task: children were asked to match each word to another word with the same meaning.
  3. Word pairing task: children were asked to match words to other words that often accompany them in a sentence

Children were also asked to indicate their agreement/disagreement with various statements expressing attitudes toward vocabulary learning before and after participating in the programme.

What the evaluation found

After taking part in the Narrative Journey programme:

  • Children’s overall knowledge of vocabulary was increased by 50% (from 8.2 to 12.3 out of 16 score points in the vocabulary tests)
  • Children were better able to identify synonyms and word pairs for Narrative Journey words
  • More children felt that pictures help them remember new words
  • More children realised that if they know a lot of words they can improve their writing
  • The programme was more effective with children whose pre-programme performance was poorer than that of their peers
  • The word pairing task was particularly effective with these children, suggesting that learning words in context is particularly helpful for weaker learners

So, obviously we are thrilled with the results, but we’re never quite satisfied. We want our word-learning products to be as enjoyable and as effective as possible, which is why we’ll never stop looking for ways to reach more children, with the resources they need to excel, and develop a love of language.

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