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Welcome to Mrs Wordsmith Magazine, a brand new source of insight into the latest innovations in literacy. This magazine is for teachers and parents who don’t have time to trawl the depths of academic publishing, in search of the most cutting-edge research on language and literacy education. Here, we do it for you.

In this magazine, academics and researchers bring you breaking news, the latest research, expert opinion and staggering statistics. But we also want to hear from you. We want to open up discussions about literacy and education to the wider community and to get important conversations started. So please join us as we discover together how data science and creativity are being used to revolutionise education and create a whole new generation of wordsmiths.

We’ll hear first-hand from leading headteachers about how to boost engagement in the classroom. We’ll get exclusive advice on the struggle to get children to love reading. We’ll explore how the best children’s authors use words, as well as how words are categorised and taught for national tests. We’ll ask the experts how old children should be when they start to tackle complex vocabulary. And we’ll take a closer look at the relationship between teaching language and technology.

We launched this magazine to bring parents and teachers closer to the experts. Why? Because parents and teachers are the ones who can make a real difference. And the experts know how. In an increasingly technological world, language and literacy education must keep up. Children today need high-quality content that is delivered efficiently.

To transform how we educate our children, we have to re-educate ourselves.


Sofia Fenichell and the Editorial Team

P.S. The opinions expressed in this magazine are those of independent researchers, teachers, academics, as well as our in-house education team and writers.


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