Dear loyal and wonderful Mrs Wordsmith customer,

Four years ago today I sat at my kitchen table, picking at the thread of what would unravel into a global mission. It began with a dictionary, Google, and every children’s vocabulary book I could find.

For days, I curated the words my daughter actually needed, creating colour-coded flashcards and decorating them with flowers to make them seem less boring. That was then, just me and a packet of highlighter pens.

We’re now a global team of 50+ literary animals. Professors, Hollywood illustrators, data scientists and child development experts. But it quickly became clear that making our products more affordable would make them accessible to a much greater number of children. When Mrs Wordsmith started, in a shoebox office near Notting Hill, a monthly subscription cost £50 ($75). The product was beautiful, but inaccessible. So we changed it.

We started by using less paper, reducing the price to the customer by 50% overall. It wasn’t enough. Customers wanted just a dictionary, or a set of cards. Subscription was becoming a burden. With subscriptions come extra packing and shipping costs. Operations, website development, all of it made more complex by subscriptions, and all of it maintained at the customer’s expense. That was not okay, and so we carried on searching for ways to bring more words into more homes.

So here it is, the next phase of our commitment to you. From October, Mrs Wordsmith will only sell individual products, giving you the freedom and flexibility to buy what you want, when you want. We’re committed to driving up the quality of our products, while making them accessible to more families.

Educational content needs to get better. It also needs to be affordable for everyone. We’re creating products to address these needs. We hope that you’ll love them, and that you’ll continue to support us by staying in contact, and by inviting friends and family along for the ride.


Sofia Fenichell and the Mrs Wordsmith Team

P.S. Stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest updates on an exciting range of new products for 2018, 2019 and beyond.

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